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Valea Cetatii Cave is located on the western side of Postavaru Mountain, Romania, 3.5 kilometers from Rasnov, 1.5 kilometers away from Rasnov Fortress at an altitude of 790 meters. The cave is part of a protected natural area, Valea Cetatii, which was designated a protected natural area to conserve natural elements with special ecological, scientific and landscape value, represented by karst (cave, cliffs and ditches in), secular trees, flora, water losses in Poiana Dracului (Devil’s Meadow).

Valea Cetatii Cave has been declared a natural protected area of national interest and natural monument since 2000. The Cave was opened for the first time in 1949, following a hydraulic explosion thus resulting the removal of the material that clogged the heart of the cavity. The description and sketches of the cave were performed following the first study on the cave, conducted during 1958.

A few years ago, because it is situated at high altitude, the access inside the cave was very difficult and was visited only by specialists with proper equipment. With a total length of approximately 958 meters, it was introduced in Romanian tourist circuit in 201 and now the cave is fit and lit for guided tours. Stairs, walkways, handrails were built and a lighting system was installed. The underground landscape will surely delight the eyes of tourists, as here one  can see cave formations such as stalactites and stalagmites or leaking walls covered with calcite. The main attraction is Sala Mare (The Great Hall), a cavity with high walls 19 meters high, with a length and a width of about 57 or 42 meters. Inside, the humidity is high and the area is quite slippery, the tourists being advised to be extremely careful.

Since June, 2011, Valea Cetatii Cave has hosted several concerts, which have raised a significant number of spectators, thus contributing enormously to the success of this objective within the preferences of tourists.

Access to this sight can be done easily, the route is one of the most popular and heavy traffic around the area. Follow the national road DN1, which connects Brasov and the capital, Bucharest, go to Poiana Brasov – Rasnov, then take the road to Valea Cetatii, Fundata and you will find somewhere at km 19 a special parking space for those who come to visit this protected natural area.

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