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The Meledic Plateau from Mânzălești, Buzău County, Romania, is a fairytale land, shrouded in mystery. The hills around the plateau are covered in forests and pastures, only good to admire and photograph.

The Meledic Plateau and lake

The Meledic Lake Legends

There are stories about the lake in the middle of the plateau, which is said to be bottomless or that is a treasure at the bottom of the lake. Even if the mysteries of the lake remain unsolved, one thing is certain: thousands of tourists make their way through the area every year.

At Meledic there is everything for everyone, but especially, a place to rest for travelers in the area. They can admire the landscapes, but also discover the history of the place. “He is documented from February 5, 1522, by a gift made by the ruler Radu de la Afumaţi through the brothers Neagu and Radu Braga for their deeds of bravery. Then Vlad Vintilă Voievod came to rule the country and he was a brother of Radu from Afumaţi and he also received a part of the Meledic estate.

Meledic in Greek means a place to rest, a place to rest “, explains Valeriu Beșliu, the mayor of Mânzălești commune. The mystery of the place is given by the lake in the middle of the plateau, a fresh water, in a salt massif. It is said that the water has no bottom and whoever dares to swim here will never come to the surface.

The Meledic Lake

Another local legend says that in the late 1800s, a cart full of mineral water barrels crashed into the lake. It was said that it was not an accident and that there was no water in the barrels, but a real treasure. “The buffaloes drowned and the driver and his descendants wanted to see if there were hidden material values. They even tried to release the water of the lake, to dry it and take those treasures and they did not manage to release the water, to dry the whole lake and because of this the name of the bottomless lake remained “, says Valeriu Beşliu , the mayor of Mânzăleşti commune.

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