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Church in the middle of nowhere -Carei, Romania

It is considered a Church that makes miracles and every year, on the Saint Mary day, at midnight, the church door would have opened alone, without a keys or someone’s intervention and after one day the door would be locked by itself.

Legend say that, a few hundred years ago, two locals would have gone, with carts to the fair, to Carei, and, on their return, they did not find much. The village would have been swallowed up, along with people and houses. All that would have remained standing is the church, a cross and two vines.

What is interesting is that the area is a plain, without hills, and the church is on a slightly elevated tongue of land, compared to the surrounding ground level. According to legend, the dam would be reminiscent of the movement of the earth, when the village disappeared without a trace. For years, people came to pray here, but in the 1980s, the phenomenon suddenly died down (probably due to pressure from the communist regime). From what we have been able to find out, now, only one person would take care of the maintenance of the church.

About this place there are little official data or historical information, but the legend around the Church is known by the people in the area, being now a pilgrimage place, which gathers 60,000 people a year.

Photos: Ovidiu Pop

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