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“The Hollywood Vampires” AliceCooper, JoePerry, JohnnyDepp to Bran Castle.

Johnny Depp continued his Romanian travels on Saturday, June 4 – 2016, traveling with his band Hollywood Vampires to visit the home of the first vampire: Dracula.

Johnny Depp, Alice Cooper and Joe Perry made a trip to Bran Castle, located in the Carpathian Mountains on the border of Transylvania – about 150 miles north of Bucharest. They were joined by Depp’s friend and frequent collaborator, Tim Burton.

While it may appear that Tim Burton joined the Hollywood Vampires to support Johnny, or maybe enjoy a few tunes, he was actually there to film the band at Dracula’s Castle, which is officially named Bran Castle.

Fans attending the Hollywood Vampire shows in the states the first half of July will be treated to the spectacular footage.The Hollywood Vampires tour ended with a surprise birthday cake for Johnny, who turns 53 on June 9. By his actual birthday, he will return to the States and back in the midst of the ever-increasing Amber Heard accusations.

The castle is known worldwide as “Dracula’s Castle” after being the only castle that fits the description of the home of the popular vampire in Bram Stoker’s 1897 Gothic horror novel. Maybe one the most powerful epistolary book  written, absolutely superb and impressive for  style, richness of feelings, profoundity, Stoker with the creation of Dracula the first Vampire of the modern history started a genre that at the moment is having a new revival.

The castle is now a museum – the first private museum of the country. Depp and his bandmates posed for a photo in front of the castle, shared on the band’s official Instagram account. Depp also got in a playful mood at one point, pretending to bite a production assistant.

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