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This it’s amazing! What do you think about it?

This is the first document about Bucharest, the capital of Romania, written by Vlad the Impaler.

The document represents a contract for purchase and sale regarding some lands in Wallachia (now a part of Romania). He signed that document with the following words: “This document was written on 20th September 6968 (year 1459) in Bucharest citadel. I, Vlad the King, with the mercy of our Great Lord”.

The bust of Vlad the Impaler guarding the Old Princely Court in Bucharest, Romania

And this is the first time, the city of Bucharest, now the capital of Romania, was mentioned officially in a document that lasted to our day.

Many see it as an intriguing fact that the first document that proves the existence of Bucharest in the 15th century also includes a curse.
“And he and his flesh shall be destroyed by the word of the good Lord and in the afterlife his soul shall be with Judas and Arius and with others that said: his blood over them and over their children, what it is and it will always be forever, amen”

Bucharest – the capital of Romania

Historians say that ending a contract with a curse was pretty common in those days. We could almost call it a trend. People were fascinated with curses and the spell books trade was flourishing.

Ending a document with a curse was a way to compel people to honor the terms of the contract.

Many also say that this curse at the end of the first document mentioning Bucharest is an inauspicious omen for the Capital of Romania and it has brought only bad luck to the city and its people.

The Old Princely Court – residence of Vlad the Impaler in Bucharest

Unfortunately, the document cannot be seen (at the moment) as it is in the archives of the National Museum of History but not on display.

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  1. Avatar Dracula


    I really love reading everything and seeing all the pictures it was amazing I really love that place Romania I hope one day I can visit it and Transylvania and I would love to visit all the castles and stuff an old-time graveyards seems light to me the last time there was a very strong man but seemed really nice too wish I could have met the man before he died thank you ever shared all this stuff

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