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Do you ever find yourself in places that seem to teleport you back in time? In Romania, this happens to me all the time. Medieval constructions are spread across my country like a constellation of stars. Visiting them can make one feel like a Game of Thrones character, almost wishing that a dragon would swoosh across the sky.

There is one place in particular that made time travel seem so easy, the medieval city of Sighişoara. Every year, for the past 27 years, the locals have been hosting the Sighisoara Medieval Festival during the last weekend of July. They immerse themselves into medieval characters, having battles and feasts, taking the visitors on a medieval journey through the city’s streets.

Wherever you look, Sighisoara surprises you with medieval elements. The narrow alleys are filled with quaint houses, all neatly lined along roads paved with setts. Only by walking these roads can one realize why Sighişoara is viewed as one of the top well-preserved medieval cities in Europe. The citadel of Sighisoara and its Clock Tower are the most visited attractions in the area, gathering curious eyes throughout the day.

The Clock Tower has wooden figurines which change during the week, there being one figurine to represent each day. The builders of the figurines made sure that each time these figurines move, the viewers are reminded of the longevity of this gorgeous medieval city.

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