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Vlad Dracul House of Sighișoara is located in Tin Street No.1, between the Citadel square and the Clock Tower.

It’s the place were Vlad the Impaler, the historical character who inspired the Bram Stoker‘s Dracula, was born, in 1431.

His father, Vlad Dracul, the ruler of Wallachia, and his pregnant wife were hosted in this house by the mayor of Sighișoara between 1431 and 1435, during the Turkish invasion of Wallachia.

It appears to be the oldest stone structure in the city, judging cylindrical vault river stone from the ground floor.

Today Vlad Dracul house hosts a medieval-style restaurant on the ground floor and a tiny weapon museum on the first floor.

The restautant have a capacity of 120 seats and 70 seats on the terrace.
Here, beside international specialities you can enjoy also romanian dishes such as Prince Draculas food and Transylvanian palinka.

During your visit you might be visited by Count Dracula in his house, which has a great historical significance, to wish you “Welcome”.

Prince Vlad Dracul lived in Sighisoara, in the house from de current Museum Market.Evidence of his presence is the famous “Portrait with turban” on the western wall in the room of the restaurant on the first floor.The fresco originally presents four characters, of which only three are left, including a women, all wearing westearn clothes and one with a turban. In the art criticts opinion , this is the only paiting that represents the ruler of Wallachia.

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