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Pelisor Castle is located 200 meters behind its “big and more famous brother” of Peles Castle. It was King Carol I’s wish to have the future king and queen of Romania, Ferdinand and Marie, close to him so he could groom them both to take over the country.

The castle was built between 1899 and 1902 by order of King Carol I, as the residence for his nephew and heir, the future King Ferdinand (son of Carol’s brother Leopold von Hohenzollern) and Ferdinand’s consort Queen Marie.

In 2006, it was decided that the entire complex, including Pelișor, long a museum and tourist site, is the legal property of the King Michael I of Romania. The royal family was to assume legal possession of it and lease it to the Romanian state, so that it will remain in its current status.[1] The main castle of Peleș is already under lease, but negotiations for other villas and chateaus are on going. King Michael I of Romania maintained that Pelișor would remain a private residence for the royal family.

Once you enter the castle an enormous hall will open in front of your eyes. The Honor Hall is entirely decorated with oak wood, reminding you of the early 1900’s style in a very unique way. At the same level you can admire King Ferdinand’s office, which is decorated in a very raw German neo-Renaissance style.

Inside Pelisor Castle

The second floor is full of rooms which were occupied mainly by Queen Marie’s children. These include Prince Nicolae (the family’s black sheep), Prince Carol (who took over the throne of Romania after King Ferdinand’s death), Princess Marioara, and Princess Elisabeta. You’ll also see Queen Marie’s office where she would often “close” herself into the world of art.

The third floor of pelisor Castle is probably the most appealing for tourists. There you can admire the Golden Room, the very place where the Queen took her last breath in October of 1938. Today you can also admire a massive gold box, which contains with the queen’s actual heart.

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Golden Room – Pelisor Castle
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