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Neamt Citadel is a medieval fortress located in north-eastern part of Romania, near Targu Neamt, Neamt County. The citadel with its near perfect vertical walls, constructed based on a remarkable engineering design, proved to be indestructible. Even Muhammad II, the conqueror of Constantinople, was kept outside the city by the great walls.

The construction of the medieval fortress started in 14th century during Petru I of Moldova’s reign, but developed in 15th century further during the reign of Stephen the Great.

A Visit to Neamt Citadel…

A brief history of the fortress is written on one of the walls in the courtyard. You can learn interesting facts about it: the fact that the fortress was built during the consolidation of the medieval state of Moldova, during the time of Petru I Musat (1375-1391). The first documentary attestation of Neamt Citadel dates from 1395, during a military expedition carried out by Sigismund of Luxembourg, King of Hungary, to Moldavia, before being defeated.

The place was subjected to restoration works carried out between 2007-2009, so that the fortress regained its grandeur, this time not as a military objective, but as a historical monument and a place of interest for tourists.

The courtyard of the fortress attracts by its designed: several alleys paved with stone lead you to the main areas of visit and the lawn completes the free spaces. From place to place information panels appear, so that the visit to the fortress is instantly transformed into a history lesson for those who have the patience to read the details presented on each corner of the fort.

A bust statue of the Lord of Moldova is exhibited on the left side of the courtyard, along with four information panels: Petru I Musatinul – “the founder of the fortress”, Stephen I – “the winner from Hindau”, Stephen the Great – “the protector of Moldova” and Vasile Lupu “the last great founder”. On the opposite side of the courtyard, on the northern side, there is a second entrance to the fortress.

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Inside Neamt Citadel
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