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Ghosts in an abandoned church, who would have thought?

Ivanesti is a village in Ialomita CountyRomania. The church near the village of Ivănești is the object of a modern legend. 

According to locals, after WW2 had finished, few German soldiers retreating from the front hid in a church in Ivanesti village, with Russians tailing them with killing thoughts. Germans prayed to God to save them, but the Russians found and slaughtered them. Before the execution, the soldiers cursed the church that didn’t protect them.

After seven decades, people are still reluctant to go near it. The building was abandoned in the wilderness. Locals said they saw people entering the monastery at sunset from time to time. They went to check the place but there was no one inside. The elders, still believing in ghosts, can feel a negative energy surrounding the church, an evil spirit who doesn’t want to leave.

The church is made of big granite stone and its construction lasted ten years. Its imposing structure can be admired by tourists who are attracted to ghost stories, photographing themselves among ruins.

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