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I Giardini di Zoe is place with a special energy, an aristocratic garden unique in Romania, managed to create an Italian businessman, just a few kilometers from the city of Deva, in the village of Banpotoc.

Hundreds of ornamental trees and shrubs, carefully placed in their place, artesian wells, on which the birds of the sky rest, and then delight visitors with their trills, alleys that take you to Heaven, colors that blend into a in a refined way, all this makes you think you’ve reached a fairy tale.

Here, you can have a leisurely walk and rest in the shade to give your eyes the opportunity to fully delight your soul. The aristocratic garden inspires elegance and is in perfect good taste. In summer, I Giardini di Zoe turns into an oasis of peace and coolness, and autumn intoxicates you with its pastels.

From the entrance to the garden you are greeted by the “guards” of the place. A neat row of ornamental wax cherry trees that charmed all those who stepped on the wonderful alley, called “the spring show”. Once mesmerized by these soldiers in purple uniforms, you reach the gate of Heaven.

Without blinking, you enter a magical world and you are enchanted by the peace and beauty of the place. Here, no blade of grass goes rebelliously where it wants, but has its place, well established. Everything is “on the line” and nothing by chance. The cool air and the arrangements of the garden entice you to explore it every inch.

In perfect harmony with nature, a number of decorative objects come to give a note of elegance and mystery. The massive pieces, vessels, benches, even the temple, are built of volcanic rock, called peperino, and were taken piece by piece from Italy. Granite, marble and travertine also blend harmoniously and complete the picture in the garden of Heaven.

Every particle of this place has its own story. In the temple, for example, there is a motto, which represents the creator of this fairytale place, which says: “Ho quell che ho donnato” – I have what I gave. And beautiful, but he managed to offer this man to the people of Hunedoara and the Romanians, but especially to his grandchildren.

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