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“House of the Devil” is located on the General Praporgescu Street, Bucharest, Romania. This house, fully covered in ivy should be under the influence of an evil spirit.

During the interwar period, a man killed here two women and a third women committed suicide. Also, some say that on nights with a full moon on one side of the house you can see the number 666, a symbol of the devil, and here would live a demonic entity full of hate and anger, that can be felt from afar.

Other haunted places in Bucharest:

  • Bazilescu Park – Also known as Nicolae Bălcescu Park, Bazilescu Park is located in Bucureștii Noi neighborhood. Within the park is the Summer Theatre, built in 1953. During the night, in the area can be heard strident sounds and the cough of a man (whereof it is said that belongs to Bazilescu), coming from beyond the columns of the derelict theatre.
  • Central Girls School – Inside this historical building and its courtyard have been reports of strange sounds, cold breeze and fetid odors, but were also seen levitating objects, doors and windows that open and close without any human intervention.
  • Orphanage on the French Street – Legend says the house, located at number 13, is haunted by no less than 203 children’s spirits. In this orphanage were brought homeless children, even by its owner – Stavrache Hagi-Orman. He kept the kids in unimaginable conditions, without water and without food. After dozens of children died of starvation, the orphanage was closed. Locals reported voices of children crying “Water, we want water!”.
  • Vernescu House on the Victory Avenue – It is named by locals “Cellar of the Devil” (RomanianHruba lui Scaraoțchi). Here still operate a casino. It is said that in the past century, several players committed suicide inside the house after they lost the entire fortunes at roulette. Reports indicate three ghosts that haunt the house. They shake the furniture, cause air currents and sometimes even appear on the hallways of the building. Passers also reported strong odor of sulfur in the building’s yard.

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