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A short distance from the modern Romanian city of Cluj Napoca exists what many believe to be the world’s most haunted forest. Known as Hoia Baciu, this dense forest is surrounded by legends and conceals many secrets. Tales of ghosts, UFO’s, inter-dimensional portals and other unnatural phenomena have made Hoia Baciu Forest one of the most infamous places in Romania.


The first scary legend of Hoia Baciu is the one which gave the forest its name. Many years ago it is said that a local shepherd entered the forest with around 200 sheep. He never returned nor was heard from again. Though some locals searched for him, they were unsuccessful. The shepherd and his sheep had disappeared without a trace.

This story left many with animosity towards the forest and a fear of entering it. Many more similar stories followed that of the shepherd and solidified fear of the forest within the local community. One of the more famous stories recounts the tale of a young, five-year-old girl. She is said to have wandered off into the forest and disappeared without a trace. Strangely, five years later she wandered out from the forest in a confused daze. She was still dressed in the same clothing she had worn the day she went missing and had no recollection of where she had been or what had happened to her.

The little girl’s story remains a mystery, as do the countless others who have similar stories. Many believe that Hoia Baciu Forest contains some sort of portal to another dimension. Explaining the disappearances of so many and earning it the nickname of The Bermuda Triangle of Romania.


In addition to the many legends surrounding Hoia Baciu, a number of ghost stories exist. Some people claim to have encountered spirits within the haunted forest. Others believe that these ghosts are likely the spirits of murdered Romanian peasants that perished in the surrounding area. These unfortunate souls are said to be trapped within the forest to suffer an eternal fate.

Human-shaped shadow figures are commonly reported within the forest as well as large masses of suddenly forming black mist. Apparitions have also been seen and some have even claimed to capture figures and faces in photographs that weren’t visible to the human eye at the time fo shooting.

In addition to these sightings, theeen many further instances of paranormal activity reported. Malfunctioning of electronic devices and suddenly draining batteries are common. Some believe this could be due to the presence of spirits. There have also been orbs sighted, light anomalies, strange fluctuations in the magnetic field recorded, poltergeist activity and EVP’s recorded including screaming, giggling, growls and voices.

Suddenly occurring negative physiological effects have also been recorded by visitors. Many people claim to be overcome with anxiety upon entering the forest. This can also manifest in illness including nausea, vomiting, headaches, and rashes.

Many other people claim to have been attacked within Hoia Baciu Forest by unseen forces. There are reports of being burned, scratched, bitten, pushed and even thrown to come out of the very haunted forest.


More strange and unexplainable phenomena relating to vegetation within the Hoia Baciu Forest exists. The forest is famous for having trees that grow in an unnatural fashion, with no scientific explanation. Here, some trees will grow in bent and spiraled fashions or lean right over on top of themselves.

Another odd phenomenon is located on the outskirts of the forest and is known as the Dead Zone. This is a large clearing in the forest, forming an almost perfect circle. For some unknown reason, trees and other vegetation refuse to grow in this area. Soil samples taken from the area have not been able to establish a reason for this phenomena. Additionally, this is also an area where paranormal activity is said to center. Countless paranormal reports are said to occur in this area as well as UFO sightings.


Adding to the many stories of the unexplained to center on the Hoia Baciu Forest are UFO sightings. These are usually reported by those visiting in the vicinity of the Dead Zone and date back to the 1960s. During the following decades, many UFO sightings were made and some photos were captured. These included flying saucer-like objects, with some photos even being snapped by a military technician.

In addition to these UFO sightings are flashing, unexplainable light sightings coming from within the forest. Again, these mostly center around the Dead Zone. They are reported to manifest themselves as moving rapidly through the forest at night and have no apparent explanation.


Hoia Baciu is a fascinating place for the many stories told about its mysterious side. Though a place many fear, it also exhibits beauty and intrigue in its own unique way.

Making the journey to the haunted Hoia Baciu Forest is, fortunately, not too difficult. It lies a short 20-minute drive from the city center of Cluj Napoca, where accommodation options are plentiful.

Tours of the forest do exist and it could be useful to visit with a local who knows the area well.

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  1. Avatar Dracula

    I would live to visit the forest things like what was witnessed already are intriguing…. I would loved to go to see for myself .. unfortinately my age and health will hold me back but I would love for someone who can go to film It all and share it on facebook so everyone who would like to go but can’t can have the pleasure of the experience through them.

  2. Avatar Dracula

    Lazar Vasile

    Salut Vlad,
    Cine organizează turul (vizitarea) pădurii?
    S-a încercat sa se planteze semințe/plante in Eșantioanele de sol prelevate din Zona Moarta? Poate doar locația este de vina ca plantele nu pot creste acolo dar in același sol in alta locație dezvoltarea lor sa fie normala. Ar fi interesant de știut. Ce indica busola in interiorul pădurii? S-a in încercat creșterea de cristale in soluție in zona centrală a pădurii? Asta ar spune ceva despre Câmpurile energetice de acolo. Ar fi interesant de știut. Sunt camere de supraveghere instalate in pădure, sau in jurul ei.? Și legati-le la Internet ca oricine sa vadă live ce se întâmpla acolo ( zi și noapte).
    Succese mari!

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