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Feldioara Fortress also known as the Teutonic Fortress is the oldest fortification in Barsa Land and it was officially attested in 1225. It is located 21 km north from Brasov on DN 13, Romania. It was founded by the Teutonic knights between 1211 and 1225 and transformed into a peasant citadel later on in 1457.

Between 1211 and 1225, Feldioara was the Teutonic Knights’ quarter, which will later become a peasant stronghold. A 1439 document states that the civilians of Feldioara built this fortress “with great financial and physical expenses” in order to protect their families and possessions.

Feldioara Fortress

The fortress was destroyed in 1430 by the Turks, as well as by Vlad the Impaler in the 1457 campaign, the inhabitants rebuilding it in the same year. During the battles of 1612, the armies led by Prince Gabriel Báthori conquered the fortress, and in September the Brașovian armies had Feldioara under siege for three days. On September 16, 1612 a battle was fought between the Hungarians, led by Báthori, and the Brasovians, led by mayor Michael Weiss. The Brasovians lost the fight, and Weiss was killed on the battlefield.

Feldioara Fortress

Archaeological discoveries have highlighted that the hill of the fortress was inhabited thousands of years ago, revealing surprisingly well-preserved artefacts from the Neolithic (Cucuteni), Geto-Dacian and Medieval periods that will be exhibited in the museums that will exist in the towers of the city.

According to the Feldioara Tourist Information Center, in the Fortress of the Teutons all the towers and the walls of the premises (the North, South, East, West and Zwinger protection towers)have been restored, and the original teutonic fortifications have been preserved. Inside the inner courtyard, the remnants of an initial chapel and a Cistercian monastery were highlighted by ground marking. The fountain was also rebuilt and a viewing area was set up on the guard wall, from where the Bârsa countryside can be admired.

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Inside Feldioara Fortress
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