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Fascinating Mysteries Of the Sphinx

The Bucegi Plateau is mostly known for one of the most impressive natural monuments in Romania, the Sphinx. The name was chosen because of its shape that resembles the human face, the shape resulting from erosion produced by wind over a long period of time.

However, scientific evidence is contradicted by some theories that claim that the monument is proof of a much more advanced civilization that would have created the Sphinx, or that it was built by the Dacians as a tribute to Zalmoxis, a deity present in their culture. Regardless which theory is true, the Sphinx indeed has certain peculiarities that differentiate it from any other rock formation of this type.

The origin of the Sphinx’s  name is due to its resemblance to a human head, more precisely to the Egyptian Sphinx, and is located in the Bucegi Mountains at an altitude of 2,216 m). Formed from a large block of stone, which has taken the shapewe know today, the Bucegi Sphinx measures 8 meters in height and 12 meters in width.

Connections between the Bucegi Sphinx and the Sphinx from Egypt

Due to the similarity between the Sphinx of Bucegi and the Great Sphinx of Egypt, some historians assume that the one in Egypt was inspired by the monument in Romania. To support this theory, they use the information that the Egyptians would have gone through the Carpathians until they settled in the present territory, and on their way they could have seen the rock formations that are today on the Romanian territory. At the same time, the connection between Romania and Egypt seems to be far from what was initially imagined. There are voices that say there is a tunnel of time between the Sphinx in Bucegi and Egypt, but no one has been able to demonstrate that fact so far.

The tunnels would have been known by a very small number of people during the Dacian era, when they either played a strategic role or were used to hide treasures. Those who took measurements say there are galleries that communicate through the mountains with Retezat and Rarau, from the Ceahlau massif. On these peaks would have been, as well as on the Omu Peak, sanctuaries that together formed the “Golden Triangle” of Dacia because of the impressively great energies that would appear in the three points.

Alien civilizations and the Sphinx from Bucegi

The idea behind the contradiction of scientific data on the origin of the Sphinx belonged to the architect and historian Daniel Ruzo. Ruzo claimed that the Sphinx is evidence of the existence of an alien civilization that would have left behind several constructions, including the one from the Bucegi Plateau. From the first statements about the connection between the Romanian Sphinx and extraterrestrial civilizations, there have been many speculations about how it was formed, when it was formed, and especially why it was built. So far, there has been insufficient evidence to support this theory, but there are researchers who are still struggling to solve the enigma.

Place of worship for the Dacians

The legends that surround the Sphinx don’t just stop just at time travel or the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations that would have left their mark in the Bucegi Mountains, but go back in time, to when the Dacians inhabited Romania’s territory. It is said that the Sphinx would have a sacred meaning, and it was formed during the Dacian era. The Bucegi Plateau was the meeting place of those who wanted to bring Zalmoxis an offer, and it all started from Decebal’s sacrifice. It is said that the Dacian ruler murdered his own son to send him as messenger to the gods.

Strange energies formed in the Bucegi Plateau

The legends and mysteries around the Sphinx are a magnet for tourists who come by thousands to visit the monument of nature from the top of the Bucegi Mountains. Along with Babele (The Old Ladies), it represents a place of pilgrimage each year at the end of November, on the 28th, when the effect of the “energetic pyramid” occurs. Due to the sun’s rays, a so-called pyramid is formed above the Sphinx, which is believed to emit positive energy.

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