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Transylvania is a home not only to a vampire hotel, but also to the Valley of the Fairies. Located in a village Porumbacu de Sus, Romania, Clay Castle of the Valley of Fairies is a newly built hotel.

Two years ago, Romanian couple Razvan and Gabriela Vasile decided to sell their home in the capital and built a hotel. Beautiful Carpathian Mountains serve as a mesmerizing backdrop, for this charming little home away from home. The Castle hotel consists of ten rooms and each has its own entrance. Soon, it will also have a restaurant, which will serve an organic food.

Things to know about the Clay Castle in Romania

As the name suggests, the Fairy Valley Clay Castle is built entirely from natural materials, mostly clay, but also stone and straws. And, despite it’s complete impressiveness, it’s built by a family of two who decided to put their corporate life behind and risk it all by investing in this castle situated in an area that nobody had really heard of before – Porumbacu de Sus.

There is no doubt, that soon this place will be on top of the list of places to visit in Romania. Even now, when construction is still going on, visitors come to enjoy picturesque spot.

How To Visit the Clay Castle in Transylvania?

You can add it to your Romania itinerary. You can see it during a three-four days road trip from Bucharest through Transylvania. You can also see it in a one-day trip from Brașov, Făgăraș or Sibiu.

Clay Castle visiting hours: Monday to Sunday, 10:30 am – 5:30 pm. You may want to check out their website before you come, though.

The entrance fee is 5 lei, almost the equivalent of 1 Euro, cash only.

The clay castle hotel was supposed to open for booking in 2020. For obvious reasons, this didn’t happen. This makes the Clay Castle in the Valley of Fairies less interesting for the moment, but still a good destination in the long run. If you want to visit Romania and you have Transylvania on your shortlist, the Clay Castle could serve as a good base camp, unless you want to choose Sibiu or other city in the area and rent a car to explore the surroundings.

Location: Porumbacu de Sus nr 630
Porumbacu De Sus, Sibiu, Romania

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