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With its historic background , Bucharest, the capital of Romania is one of the most haunted capitals in Europe. As you discover Bucharest you will find lots of ghost stories and urban legends that will send chills down your spine.
The most popular ghost story is about a hotel called Cismigiu Hotel.

The Cismigiu Hotel was built in the early 1900s but was left in ruins by 1970. 20 years later, the Theatre Academy bought the property and used it for student housing.

One weekend before a holiday, almost all the students had gone home, but a girl was still there. She was walking into what she thought was a dorm room, but it was night time and it was very dark and she could not see that she was actually stepping into an elevator shaft. She fell down the shaft, badly injuring herself.

She called for help, but no one was there to hear her cries. She died shortly after. Ever since then, people claim they can hear screams down the hotel halls. However, the hotel has recently been renovated and that elevator shaft has been moved, perhaps in attempt to make this hotel more appealing to tourists – those who don’t want run-ins with ghosts. 

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