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Of great architectural, historical, documentary and artistic value, was built in 1911 at the request of Prince George Grigore Cantacuzino (the Nabob), former Minister of Romania during 1899-1900, 1904-1907. Built in neo-Romanian style, it is surrounded by a park whose paths take you to waterfalls, fountains and a cave. The building was made of stone and brick based on the design of the architect Gregory Cerchez, and it covers an area of 3.148 square meters.

The estate is surrounded by a park with paths that lead to a waterfall grotto and artisanal fountains. In the central pavilion is a collection of unique Romanian heraldry representing the families allied with the Cantacuzino family, as well as portraits of the family members. Each room has its own particular wooden ceilings with decorative beams, while the stained Murano glass windows are adorned with portraits of the family’s ancestors. The Ball Room is the most impressive of the entire castle. On one wall, the natural size portraits of 12 preeminent Cantacuzino members are painted on Cordoba leather, while on the other side you can admire a unique heraldic collection in Romania, the coat of arms of 27 families that were connected to the Cantacuzinos.

The decorative repertoire gives a strong romantic feeling to the interior ambience. The stained glass, stucco marble, consoles, ceilings with exposed and painted beams, wooden railings, stone or wrought iron, hardware cast in bronze and richly decorated stand for a mastery of the artistic craftsmanship. The fireplaces made of Albești stone, decorated with polychrome mosaics, complete the atmosphere of lordly residence, increasing the value of the building.

The castle has a heraldic collection representing the coats of arms of the boyar families related to the Cantacuzino family and a frieze with votive paintings of illustrious members of the Cantacuzino family from the Muntenia branch.

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